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Quality Assurance

An unfortunate side effect of the low barriers to entry into the web software market is the generally lacklustre quality of applications offered to small business.

Authelo has been built from the ground up to be secure, usable and robust. Best practises have been followed aggressively in all aspects of our business, from software development right through to payment processing.

Please read on for an insight into the procedures we follow to ensure that authelo will provide you with a higher quality experience than our competitors

Standards Compliance

All aspects of the authelo web application and supporting website infrastructure adhere to the W3C's XHTML Strict standard. This ensures that our software will function correctly and with high performance in all current and future standards compliant web browsers.

 PHP Security and code quality

The authelo application architecture strictly adheres to a number of principles to ensure security and robustness:

  • No usage of global variables.
  • A front-controller with authentication management.
  • Encapsulated class-based actions to protect code from mailicious environment (e.g globally registered user input variables)
  • Escaped-by-default templating engine to defeat XSS attacks.
  • Abstracted user-input variable access to ensure proper validation.
  • No usage of EVAL or EXEC.
  • Robustness to a variety of PHP configurations, including register_globals, magic_quotes, etc.
  • Extensive unit tests.

In addition to these aspects, all authelo code will run with absolutely no warnings or notices on any PHP version, including 4.3.x, 4.4.x and 5.x.

By adhering to these policies from the outset, authelo has been developed into a secure and well designed application.


Authelo's primary design goal was to have a highly intuitive user interface. It had to not just exceed the usability offered by our competitors, it really had to blow them out of the water.

We're obsessive about this; it didn't just have to be easy to use, it had to look and feel great.  And we honestly think we've succeded in this - you can decide for yourself with the demo.

Customer Support

Please read our Customer Support Guarantee to learn more. 

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